In-depth Post #6: Photography

Lately everything has been pretty hectic, so I haven’t been focusing as much time with my camera as I would’ve liked to in the past week or so. I remember this happened to me last year too, probably about the same time when I just felt my in-depth project being shifted to the back burner. Although unlike last year it is more about the fact that I feel like sometimes by the end of the week I’m so tired that I don’t always want to pick up my camera and go take some shots. Though as I’ve found out this week, sometimes setting out some time specifically just to take pictures and do something creative that I enjoy is a nice break from the stress of the week. Victoria Trip/Spring Photos

As you probably know, I was actually writing my last blog post while I was in Victoria, so I will be including the photos I took from that weekend trip in this blog as well! One thing that I found particularly interesting was entering a brand new environment and working with not knowing where the lighting is going to be like in places, or the uncertainty about what’s going to be around the corner, I find that shooting in unfamiliar environments pushes me to look at the area around me with a creative approach  for how I want to capture it. And just last weekend, the hiking adventure trips went on a overnight trip up to Golden Ears. I wanted to take my camera along so badly but a quick look at the weather forecast quickly made me realize that unless I wanted a soggy camera, it was probably best not to bring it along with me. Although I felt like I was missing so many good photo opportunities it was nice to just enjoy the moments with my talons peers! Victoria Trip/Spring Photos

I was watching a video on Monday from one of my favorite photography Youtubers, it talked about how with digital technology it is really easy to snap 100 pictures without really thinking about different ways you can take that picture, what angles will make it unique etc.. I thought this was really neat because it kinda tied into the in-depth essay on how the advancement of technology is affecting photography. This video inspired me to focus on taking a moment and actually thinking about the composition of the photo before I take it. So far I think this has improved my photography a slight bit this week, although as I mentioned before I haven’t gotten to taking too many photos this week, I like the few that I took, which is what really matters, after all 5 good photos is better than 30 okay photos, in my opinion.
Victoria Trip/Spring Photos

I have also been taking my time to learn how to use natural lighting to my advantage because the majority of my photos are taken outside. So far, my favorite time to shoot is golden hour. “Golden hour” is either while the sun is rising or setting and it covers everything in a golden light which provides amazing lighting for subjects. I have also been working on utilizing manual mode more often. While at Bamfield, aside from the occasional photo on manual mode I took the majority of my pictures in automatic for timing sake, so I could get the action shots, not to mention shooting in the pouring rain! Now, I have been beginning to get a little more comfortable with manual mode, that of course leads to better quality photos and more creative control over the affect my photos have.

Victoria Trip/Spring Photos

An Example of “Golden Hour”

This week In DeBono’s how to have a beautiful mind, the chapter was focused on both concepts and alternatives. Since I am still relatively new at photography deriving a main concept from a bunch of information has really helped me to internalize information easier. Whenever I am having conversations with either my main mentor (Ms. Vittie) my cousins (professional photographers), or even just friends who took photo, I always try to clarify with them what I thought the concept was by quickly repeating the information briefly summarized in my own words so that both they and I know what I got out of the conversation. Mainly this has helped with getting a grasp on the more technical aspects of photography, because after that it’s more image composition and creativity. So far this strategy has been very helpful to clarify any misunderstandings and help me to develop questions that I want to ask. The second area of focus this week was alternatives. Personally I think having alternatives is a really important process of learning anything, it provides flexibility, improvements, and simplification. Mainly so far in my project the flexibility that alternatives offer has been crucial. This has played a part in scheduling, what I want to learn about, and probably the biggest one the time between when I started the project and when I actually got my camera. My main mentor, Ms.Vittie proposed that instead of going on with a usual plan we came up with, that since I did not have a camera that I could do some additional research to help my understanding so that when I did actually get my camera I’d be good to go! Victoria Trip/Spring Photos

Well, that’s the end of my blog post for this week! I can’t believe that In-depth is ending so soon, I guess time really does go by fast when you’re having fun. With practice hikes and overnight hikes going on we have officially entered the notorious aprilmayjuuuunnee time of the year, and with so many things going on I can’t even imagine all the wonderful opportunities there will be to take my camera along with me.  


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  1. You have learned a lot so far. Start thinking about how you are going to share this during in-depth night. Excellent analysis of this week’s De Bono’s concepts!

    PS: Source your own photos!

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