In-depth 2017: Photography Post #1

I feel like this school year the majority of my blog posts have started off with “ I can’t believe its that time again” or “ I can’t believe it’s been a year since…”, but truly I can’t believe it’s the start of In-depth! It’s crazy how short 365 days around the sun feels when you’re busy! Anyways, let’s get into the first post of the project!

Since last year I’ve been thinking a lot about what I wanted to do this year. At first I was thinking maybe I’d try choreography, but lately that just hadn’t felt right. Also since I had been doing dance for 12 years, it wouldn’t really be a totally new skill,and I definitely wanted to take the opportunity to try something new. So many ideas have been bouncing in my head but eventually I had narrowed it down to few options (archery, yoga, and vlogging) but none of them really seemed right. Not only do I want to be interested in my topic, but I also wanted my topic to be a transferable skill that I could apply to my life later. So after some thinking (and by some I mean A LOT), I came upon the topic of photography. Suddenly the whole project and indecisiveness cleared!


The idea for photography came from one fall afternoon in September (when the trees were golden and red and orange leaves littered the ground) I decided to walk around the Shoreline Trail with a friend to take some photos. I had always been interested in photography since I while ago, but have never actually been able to explore the hobby. Overall I had a lot of fun doing so and created some awesome memories in the process. However not only was it just for plain fun it was also a neat way to express myself and show a more creative view of the world that I hadn’t found before.

So far I have set a few goals and/or things that I want to be able to accomplish during this project. Since photography isn’t really like a lot of other visual art (painting, drawing, sculpting, etc.) I think I might just stand a chance even though I’m not a very artistic person. What makes it slightly unique in my opinion is that there are a variety of techniques and technical aspects that you need to adjust based on the effect you are going for. Therefore one of my main goals for this project is to become comfortable with adjusting and using the various settings in manual mode (ISO, exposure, shutter speed, aperture, etc.) to create the visual effect I want.


Photo I took during my Europe trip in August: Florence Italy

With my goals set, now came one of the hardest parts of this project, finding a mentor that would help guide me during the four and a half months to go. Since photography is a relatively common hobby, I thought that finding a mentor would be a little easier. I didn’t know anyone that had a bunch of knowledge about photography I reached out to my classmates for some help. Relatively quickly I got referred to Ms. Vittie, the photography teacher at our school. After taking some time to write up an email to explain my project and ask if she could be my mentor, she replied with yes !!!!! Now that I have a mentor for the project, a little bit of the stress about starting in-depth is gone, and is left with total excitement! So far I am planning on meeting with my mentor for the first time probably sometime next week. Along with my main mentor, I also have talked to James (who did photography for his in-depth last year), Aileen, and Rachael (who took photography 11) to help me a bit throughout the project and give me feedback based on their knowledge.

Overall I can’t wait for the journey that this project will take me on, whether it’s new places or seeing the world just a little differently, either way I can’t wait. I think that it is an extremely unique thing to be able to look thoroughly into something that interests you, and I am looking forward to updating my blog bi-weekly on my progress throughout this project, as well as using flickr to showcase my journey through the photos I take.

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  1. Great reflection showing why you would like to spend five months on this project, Great skill, especially with your interest in the outdoors. I hope you will volunteer to be our Bamfield photographer. Our granting agency needs photos that show them what we have learned. Have fun and enjoy the experience.

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