Genetic Engineering and Superhumans

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3 thoughts on “Genetic Engineering and Superhumans

  1. Awesome talk Kaleigh!
    Of course me, being a superhero fan as well, has thought about this a lot. It’s so cool to be in a world now where it’s nearly a reality, but it’s also kind of scary. I was watching Rachael’s TED talk as well and it brought up a lot of the same points, is it right to “improve” what we have, and why would we even need to? We’re fine as we are (or are we?). Wouldn’t it just make more problems? I’d love to know what you think, as someone who’s researched this quite a bit already.

  2. Kaleigh, great TED Talk! I found it really interesting that you were able to relate your passions/interests to this topic. It’s amazing that our one basic tech is now looking at the prospect of doing things so incredible (like this).
    One question: do you think it’s ethical to have this happen? Chances are, if this became a reality, only upper-class people would get these enhancements. Do you think it’s fair to give people these advantages?

  3. Hi Kaleigh! Great job! All the points you made were super clear and I especially found the ones on super speed to be especially interesting!
    A question that your talk brought to my attention is: What superpower would benefit society? I can understand that superpowers are mainly used in comics to fight crime but what else would they be good for? In another way, if we were to focus on genetically engineering superheroes, what should we focus on first? If super speed wouldn’t do us much good, what do you think would? I’d love to here your opinion! Great job on your talk!

    (Ps. This and a few other of my comments haven’t been posting, so if you could let me know that this actually went through, I’d appreciate it!)

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